Hi there! I'm Yukon Cornelius, an old boy with a huge heart! Even though I've got a few years on me, I love to play and run around the back yard. My tail is wagging all the time, because I'm just so excited for you to pet me! Sadly, my tail wagging has caused what they call "happy tail," from hitting against the inside of the kennel. So come take me out and let's go play! I love being outside and smelling all the smells. I'm such a happy boy, especially if there are toys involved. I'm inquisitive and smart, come make me part of your family!

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I'm Brick House! It goes like this: you talk to me, I purr and rub up against things (and you) then I throw myself down and violently clean my paws and legs and chest. Then I grab my toy and show you that I am having the BEST TIME EVER. And you smile. Like , really, really wide. And then I hit you with this fact- black cats are less likely to get adopted. "What?!!!?!" you say, "But she's a BRICK (dut duh dut) HOUSE." I know, right??? But I've got an idea...let's break this curse, you and me. Let's get in it to win it. Adopt me and we'll be mighty, mighty together.


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With the community’s support, RAL is committed to making 2015 The BEST YEAR EVER——not resting on the accomplishments of the past, but instead supporting dreams of what is ahead. 

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