Paw It Forward

Your pet is one lucky pet because you chose to save a life and provide a home.  We bet your pet loves you very much and is grateful for the love and care you have shared.  This is your pet's chance to paw it forward to another pet seeking hope and a home at Richmond Animal League. Of course, as talented as your pet may be, your dog and/or cat can't get online to make a gift to the Paw it Forward campaign. That is where you come in.

Will you help your pet Paw it Forward?

Will you help your pet provide hope, help and a home for another? 


With a gift as kind as $10, or as generous as $100, your pet can make a difference in the life of another. Please help by clicking here and making your pet's gift to RAL. (Note: for accounting purposes, please fill in YOUR name in the contact information).

Make sure to tell us your pet(s) name and, if you would like, why they are pawing it forward. We will be listing all pets below throughout the 60 hours.  Want to share even more? Once your have completed the donation form, you will get an email confirmation. Reply with a picture of your pet and we will post your pet(s) on Facebook!

Please give your pet an extra rub or scratch from all of us at RAL. Thank you for Pawing it Forward and providing love, to both your pet, and all those still in need.

These Pets Have Pawed It Forward! 

Twinkie and Bruce (Cat)
Pandora (Cat)
Milo, Aiko (Cat)
Mia, Cisco, Deedle Bug, Primrose (Cat)
Liam and Ben (Cat)
Poseidon (Dog)
Ozzy (Dog)
Neo (Dog)
Murray (formerly Yukon Cornelius) (Dog)
Misty (Dog)
Max (Dog)
Jules (now), Jason (when @RAL) (Dog)
Hoku and Moana (Dog)
Jenelle (Nellie) (Dog)
Nova (Dog)
Chloe (Dog)
Chase (Dog)
Bravo (Dog)
Boo Radley (Dog)
Abby & Weezy (Cat): Abby was a Operation Silent Night Foster Failure. (We just couldn't bring her back after Christmas) Weezy was a tiny scraggly little girl who just needed some love. She joined Abby in July & has blossomed into a active, loving black Beauty. We are lucky to have such sweet RAL girls!
Blue (Cat): Blue is the most spirited and social kitty in all the land. She brightens everyone's day and would love to bring that joy to other kitties and puppies!
Dewey (Cat): Dewey's name while at the Richmond Animal League was Waifs.
Elwood (Cat): Elwood was adopted as a tiny kitten. He now enjoys biting toes and catching bugs. He wants to paw it forward to all other kittens needing a home!
Emmett (Cat): Emmett, beloved cat who lives with the Kathleen and Frank Romero family including his brothers from another mother Skippy John Jones and Prince Buster - of Glen Allen, VA. Our hope is that other pets can find their forever families and share the love too!
Beau (Cat): He was known as Nick at RAL, adopted 3/1/14.
Porkchop (Cat): I became a part of my family after my humans decided to foster kittens for RAL. They loved us all and were happy to see us all go to furever homes, mine just happened to be theirs! smile
Lucy (Cat): Lucy (previously Lola) has been in her new home for less than a week & is loving it! She is excited to paw it forward so that RAL can help more dogs & cats find forever homes!
Adam Levine, Kate Beckett, Bella and Max (Cats and Dog): Max is my senior dog that is sharing his Mom and his home with three RAL cats. They are my constant companions
MelBrooks (Cat): MelBrooks says RAL took good care of him as a kitten & helped him charm his way into a happy home.
Duchess (Bonnibel at RAL) (Cat): My name is Duchess and I am a foster fail and the apple of my Momma's eye! (I am just a tiny bit spoiled!!) I am deaf, but RAL took me in anyway and found me a purrrfect home. I am PAWING it forward so more of us who may be perfectly imperfect can be saved. Thank you RAL for having faith, even when we furry ones come in with broken bones, heart worms, FIV/FeLuk, diabetes, and any other assortment of ailments. Thank you for giving us a chance at a happy life and a person to love unconditionally. Keep up the great work!
Pepper (Cat): Pepper came to Richmond Animal League 1 year ago from Happy Tails Rescue. I had always loved working with cats but never owned one. There was just something about this rare beautiful soul that I experienced everyday at Richmond Animal League. Her name was Pepper. I decided to bring her home for a few days, needing the final approval from my older dog of course. After just a few days it was a magical feeling, she had already been in my life and I didn't realize it. Why was this FIV+ black cat never adopted before this time, I wondered? Pepper feeds my soul and we align so perfectly together. Pepper maybe FIV+ but it never stopped her from being herself. Black and Beautiful! Pepper would like to Paw It Forward to help other kittens and cats get the FIV/FELV testing they need to succeed. Pepper has taught me so much about patience, hope and most importantly love! Paw it Forward!
Jack & Romeo (Cat): Were both adopted from RAL. Jack as a kitten at the shelter and Romeo as a Foster "failure" who now helps take care of new Foster kittens!
Greene, Mia (Dog and Cat): Greene, my beagle something or other Mia, my grey tabby foster fail from Operation Silent Night 2015
Fergus, Troy, Stabler, Panda Bear, Liv, and Sasha (Dog and Cats): Fostering and failing to let them go because they are so special has been an honor for many years.
Loki (Dog): aka Cornbread
Emmett & EllieMae (Dog): Angus and Loki - cats All rescues who I wouldn't want to live without.
Burg! (Dog): Burg is Pawing it Forward! Thank you, RAL!
Ella Conlon (Dog): Ella is my hero
Rowan (Dog): I am donating to the Richmond Animal League so they can give more awesome folks (like me) a furever home! Thanks RAL, for everything you do!
Bella & Baron (Dog): In honor of Bella & Baron. And in memory of Bear & Bailey who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. All four adopted me from RAL.
Maisy & Piper (Dog): Maisy would like to paw it forward, because her mom was a foster pup through Caring for Creatures before she came into the world. Her little beagle mom had a rough time giving birth to lab-mixed puppies, but Maisy, her mom (Sadie), and a few other puppies made it through thanks to the support of a wonderful shelter! Piper (previously Bliss at RAL) would like to paw it forward, because RAL housed and loved her when she was found homeless in Cumberland County. She wouldn't be in a fun and loving home if it wasn't for RAL! Maisy & Piper hope many other homeless pups find great homes with the help of RAL!
Mia and Polly (Dog): Mia and Polly are both RAL alumnae. We chose Mia because she was thought to be too shy to be adoptable. We made a smart choice--she blossomed into a great dog who always made us feel special for earning her trust. When she passed away, we wanted to take in another shy one and that's how we chose Polly (formerly Key Lime Pie). She has slowly learned to relax and is starting to let her real personality shine. Again, she makes us feel special for being her people. On a side note--Mia was the famous escape artist who returned to RAL 3 times before she decided we were okay!
Biggs (Dog): Mr. Biggs would like to thank all the dedicated volunteers that work hard to find homes for rescue boys like him. Money can only buy love if you buy a four legged baby!
Gavin, Lucy, Max & Benny (Dog): Much love from beautiful downtown Charles City County!
Suki and Gus (Dog): My former RAL alums are living the dream and making my life so much richer and more fun.
Gertie (Dog): Not an RAL Alum, but Pawing It Forward
Tucker Shearin (Dog): Praying for a loving home for every dog and cat.
Suzie (Dog): We adopted Suzie from RAL in 2009 and forever grateful to RAL for bringing her into our lives.
Boom Boom (Dog): When I saw Warhol (now Boom Boom) I knew he had to come home with me. Something about him just drew me to him. He still had a quarantine sign on his cage, the other dog with him had died. I asked how much longer he had to be quarantined , and 30 minutes later they said he was good to go. An interview later, I had a skinny, frightened, half bald dog in my arms and I couldn't have been happier. Now 3 years later, he's put on weight (some might say too much), his fur has grown back and he is my handsome baby boy. I couldn't imagine being without him .

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