Most In Need

Meet the  RAL animals who are most in need of loving homes. If one of them is a match for you, you can Name Your Own Adoption Fee to take home your new best friend!

Through no fault of their own, these wonderful pets have made it onto our Most In Need list: some need the one-on-one attention they can only find in a home, some are getting stressed by the shelter setting, and others have simply been waiting a very long time. Check back all year: as each animal gets adopted, we’ll use their space to save another life and add someone new to the list.

Please help us find homes for these wonderful pets, so that we can save ten more in their place (and ten more after that, and ten more after that. . . ).


Kit Kat

My name is Kit Kat! I love to rub up against you and have my ears scratched.I get along well with other cats, and I seem to do okay with dogs as long as we are introduced properly. I came to RAL with some nasty bladder stones and I was in a lot of pain, but now that those are gone I feel like a kitten again! Don't be fooled by my age, I still love to play and run around. I'd love to spend my golden years curled up in your lap. Come hang out with me today and I'll win your heart with my bright eyes and sweet face. 

I'm Most in Need because: due to my history of bladder stones, I need to be on a prescription diet for the rest of my life, but I won't let that stop me from having fun every day!


Are you looking for a calm, quiet family companion? Charlotte is your gal! She came to us pregnant with puppies, and now all of her babies have been adopted and she is still looking for her forever home! Charlotte is gentle, calm, and great with cats! She would be wonderful in a home with children of any age. She really just wants a soft bed and lots of belly rubs and attention! Come meet Charlotte today!

I'm Most in Need because: I've been here at RAL for a long time, but I'm not sure why! I'm such a sweet, gentle girl. Come take me home!


Have you ever heard the term "bright-eyed & bushy-tailed?" Well I'm CHANNING & that phrase was invented for me. Honest!

I am the total package-charming, affectionate...& petting me is like touching a cloud. You know I love you because I am a (soft) love biter who prefers to be pet on the head. My random black & white patterning makes me original like a Picasso but far, far more valuable. My place is with you, preferably DIRECTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING.

But let's be honest- that's tough to do when you live there & I live here. I think it's time to fix this. I suspect you need a Picasso & this Picasso definitely needs you for life!

I'm Most in Need because: I'm a boisterous and playful fella with a HUGE personality. I love to play, and can sometimes be rough with other cats. I need kitty friends who can keep up with me, or to be a single cat with many opportunities for stimulation.

Dapper Dan

Are you looking for a mild mannered and affectionate pup? I'm Dapper Dan and I'm the dog for you! I'm a happy little guy who likes to be busy. Whether that's sniffing around the yard or following a scent on a walk - I love it all! I like to come to people for pets, and I like big hugs! I would do well in a home with children, but I did show some interest in cats so a proper introduction would have to be made. Come meet me today and let's go exploring together!

I'm Most in Need because: I've been overlooked here at the shelter for too long!

I am the bravest girl in the world! Let me tell you my story. My name is PHAEDRA & I was so anxious when I got here I had to hide in a little cat hut 24/7. I was uncomfortable being touched & didn't have a lot of faith in human types. I would peer out & look around but it was really, really scary. So I watched & I waited.But world, LOOK AT ME NOW!!! This Girl is on Fire a la Alicia Keyes & Jennifer Lawrence & I am ready for the (quiet) utopia you will provide (minus any hunger games if you please...I am very attached to my fishies.) I am beautiful & gentle, sweet & soft. And I want to go home with you. Right about now. smile
I'm Most in Need because: I'm a shy girl, but I've come a long way since I've been here at RAL! Imagine how I can grow in a home of my very own!

I'm Trent and I'm looking for my special someone (or someones)! I'm a bit anxious right now, the folks at RAL think I don't have a whole lot of experience with being a house pet. I'm nervous when I'm confined, but I enjoy being loved on by people, and I'm as sweet as can be! I'm not fearful of humans at all, I just need to learn confidence. Come meet me today, and I'll show you I'm worth the effort!

I'm Most in Need because: I need someone to help me learn trust and confidence. Is that someone you?


Adam Levine

Come to my window, knock on my door. I wanna make you feel beautiful~ Hear me sing for you? I'm Adam Levine and I am a true crooner, and I love to share my talent with friends here in the shelter. I also like to explore and sleep in my kennel. Shelter life is proving to be stressful for me, so I'd love it if you could come spring me out of here ASAP!  Bring a toy and we can play together, too! So come and say hello, cuz I really wanna love somebody.'

I'm Most in Need because: I'm a pretty vocal cat and I don't always get along with the other cats here at the shelter. 



Calling all compassionate, patient and loving people who would like to give a special girl a wonderful rest of her life. You see, our girl, Pepper, is about 7 years old and surely must have had quite the life. We wish she could tell us about her past, and what makes her so quiet and laidback. She came to the shelter very much in need of a bath and a hair cut to get rid of mats. Clearly she was not well cared for in her past life. Pepper likes to explore outside, she has an independent side, for sure. She walks great on leash, and we think she'd do well in a home that is quiet and low-key and where she isn't expected to be very active. Cats should be totally fine for this laidback gal! 

Here is a note from her foster mom!

It only took her a couple of days to warm up and bond with me. She has come out of her shell and is a very happy girl. She gets along with my male dog very well. She hardly ever barks and is house trained. She walks well on a leash and loves to chew her treats but will work well with a family that doesn't require a lot of exercise from her.

I'm Most in Need because: I'm an older girl just looking for a place to spend my golden years!

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