Most In Need

Meet the  RAL animals who are most in need of loving homes. If one of them is a match for you, you can Name Your Own Adoption Fee to take home your new best friend!

Through no fault of their own, these wonderful pets have made it onto our Most In Need list: some need the one-on-one attention they can only find in a home, some are getting stressed by the shelter setting, and others have simply been waiting a very long time. Check back all year: as each animal gets adopted, we’ll use their space to save another life and add someone new to the list.

Please help us find homes for these wonderful pets, so that we can save ten more in their place (and ten more after that, and ten more after that. . . ).



Lover Boy

Hi, I'm Lover Boy, and boy does my name do a perfect job of describing me! I'm a definite people person, and enjoy the company of my humans. I also enjoy the comforts of indoor living, including sleeping on chairs, window sills, your lap, and basically anywhere else comfortable! I am a bigger fan of people than I am of other cats or dogs, though, and might do best as an only pet. Another reason I might need to be the only pet in your home (other than wanting 100% of the attention from you!) is that I'm FIV+, and if I get into a fight with another cat, I could give that cat FIV, too. I could be a good candidate for your home if you already have an FIV+ cat and are willing to give me some time to adjust, though. Honestly, though, what I really want is a warm lap to curl up on, and someone to pick me up and give me chin sctriches! That's not too much to ask, right??


I'm Most in Need because: I'm FIV+ and will likely need to be the only pet in my house!





Hey there, I'm Katie! I may be past my puppyhood but I sure do still have plenty of pep in my step! I love to go on walks and explore, sniff all the new smells, greet all the neighbors, and enjoy the fresh air (and the squirrels!). I'm great about telling you when I need to go out. But I also like to hang out inside with my family. I may sound tough at first when meeting other dogs, but I'm all bark--and the bark doesn't last long at all! I love to sleep (who doesn't??) and am a champion napper. I don't mind a crate, either. Basically, if you're looking for a sweet little companion who's content to follow along with you throughout your day and sleep soundly with you at night, I'm your girl! 


I'm Most in Need because: I have all the regular aches and pains of senior-hood, and will need regular vet care for dental checks and such. I've also had some masses removed already and may need more removed down the road--ask an adoptions staff person for more information!





Hi everyone, my name is Harrison. I'm a fluffy, orange, handsome gentleman. I'm very special, and have a few ongoing medical conditions. One is known as FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). The effect of the virus reduces my immune system, making me more susceptible to infection - put simply, I can't fight off infection as well as a non-FIV cat. Because of this, I would probably do best in a home without other kitties and should be kept indoors. My FIV may lower my ability to fight off germs, but I promise it won't lower my ability to love my new family that is out there waiting for me. I also have diabetes, which means I may need insulin injections long term. I am a great patient, and it's easy to learn how to give me my meds--they don't cost a bunch, either! If you would like to know more about me, or more about my conditions, feel free to contact I'm sure they will tell you just how wonderful I am!


I'm Most in Need because: I am FIV positive and would do best in a home either without other cats or with other FIV+ cats! I also have diabetes and may need long-term insulin injections, but I'm a great patient!



Post It

Say hello to Post It! He is an energetic and active boy who is ready to fit right into a new life with his new family - one who could help him learn and grow and become the best dog he can be. He would love to be with a family who could give him the exercise any dog needs. Daily walks, exercise and play in the back yard playing ball, hikes in the park, those things would be wonderful for Post It and he would be most grateful. We would recommend an experienced dog owner since, like so many of the dogs who come into the shelter, basic training would be great for him to learn the ropes of normal good dog manners and to be the best dog he can be. He would do well with older, mature children and MUST have a cat-free home. Full of life, Post It is going to bring love and smiles into your life from the first time you see him. He is handsome, eager, happy, and waiting to meet you. If you can provide Post It with the structure he needs and the life he's been waiting for, please come by and meet him today.


I'm Most in Need because: I would do best in a home with an experienced dog owner who can give me structure and rules and who isn't into cats, please!





Hi there! I'm Rudi, and I am an adorable, petite little girl with the face of a kitten and some very endearing ears! I love to relax, curl up and nap, stretch a bit and play with a few toys, and then come and find you for some scritches, snuggles, and brushing (I looooove my rubber brush so much I get to take it home with me when I find my forever home!). I have a super sweet personality and I love to talk to you--you'll be charmed by all my little noises! I can be shy around new people and need some time to get comfortable, and I prefer cuddling on my terms rather than being picked up. Most importantly, I have a condition called stomatitis, which is a chronic oral condition that can cause painful ulcers in my mouth if not treated. I am on long term medication for it, which an RAL staff person would be happy to tell you more about! But I think all that is a small price to pay for such an adorable little package! Come by and meet me if you are interested in a sweet faced, gentle, pretty kitty who would love to cuddle up with you so we can watch the world go by together!


I am Most in Need because: I have a chronic condition called stomatitis that will need to be managed after I find my forever home!






I'm a sweet adult cat with a big heart! I'm about 4 or 5 years old, but young at heart and eager try the new experience of having a forever home. I was rescued from a hard life outside on a farm where I was all alone taking care of my five kittens. My foster family helped me to learn how nice being a pet can be. I'm loving all the people affection and having regular meals. I've been good at taking care of myself, but I've found I really love having someone to rub up against who will stroke my back and scratch my ears and chin. I definitely have a purr-sonality all my own, and I sure do OWN it! If you're looking for a fun-loving and feisty gal to play with, I could be it!


I'm Most in Need because: I have a strong and feisty personality that can sometimes be misinterpreted, but I'm just trying to play and communicate with you the best way I know how! 






Hey there, I'm Carlton! I am a handsome boy who is looking for my forever family. I'm young, healthy, sturdy, ready to rock and roll! Like the outdoors? So do I! I would love to hike, jog, go camping, and even just play in your backyard. I am up for any adventures and really would love the exercise. I have never had a family, but I can imagine how it will be. Nice walks, friends coming over, a great place to curl up near you each night. I haven't been taught too many good doggie manners in the past but I'm hoping my new person will be patient and kind enough to help me learn. I am smart and want to please, so anything you want me to learn, well, I will try my hardest! I would do best in a child-free and cat-free home - the more time to get to know just YOU! An experienced dog owner who can provide me the training I need would be just awesome! Please give me a chance and I bet I can be the best dog you have ever had. 


I'm Most in Need because: I will do best in a home without cats or young kids, as I can be possessive of my things and need slow, gentle handling. 





When you first see Picasso, you might be confused-is that a cat or a fox?? Picasso is one tall, long, lanky, and super handsome guy! Before he came into our care, he spent some time fending for himself outside, and has some residual medical issues probably stemming from eating things that were not so good for him. But his previous circumstances certainly have not dampened his outgoing disposition! Still young and quite playful, Picasso would do well in a home with other cats to romp and play with (he would probably be fine with dogs too!). He's a curious kitty who like to explore and can entertain himself as well as play with his special human. He has a lot of personality and isn't shy about telling you whether he's in a cuddly mood or more of an independent one. But he's easy to understand, and generally loves to be petted, scratched, and played with! He'll make some lucky person a wonderful, funny companion.


I'm Most in Need because: I can have a feisty personality at times so would probably do best in a home without young children. I also have some residual medical issues from my time eating whatever I could find on the street--ask an adoptions staff person for more information!





Hello there, Magnolia here, and you'll see I'm as pretty as my namesake if you just look at my inner beauty and sparkling personality! You see, I'm currently being treated for a medical condition called sarcoptic mange. It's caused by a mite, and it makes my hair fall out and my skin get all red and itchy--pretty uncomfortable! Luckily, it should clear up with time as I continue my medication. Then I'll be gorgeous on the outside too and ready to give you all my love! I'm a sweet old gal just looking for companionship. I hope I can find my perfect companion soon!


I'm Most in Need because: I'm currently being treated for sarcoptic mange. 

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