Most In Need

Meet the  RAL animals who are most in need of loving homes. If one of them is a match for you, you can Name Your Own Adoption Fee to take home your new best friend!

Through no fault of their own, these wonderful pets have made it onto our Most In Need list: some need the one-on-one attention they can only find in a home, some are getting stressed by the shelter setting, and others have simply been waiting a very long time. Check back all year: as each animal gets adopted, we’ll use their space to save another life and add someone new to the list.

Please help us find homes for these wonderful pets, so that we can save ten more in their place (and ten more after that, and ten more after that. . . ).


Lover Boy

Lover Boy is a very aptly named cat! This big boy loves giving affection and getting it back in return. Some of his favorite daily activities include sitting in your lap, snuggling with you, or just being by your side. Lover Boy also loves his food, although we’re trying to help him understand that getting some of that extra weight off will make him feel much better! This is especially true because this handsome kity arrived at RAL with an old hip injury, and has since undergone surgery to correct it. He still walks with a limp, and some daily exercise and playtime in his home will help ensure he works those muscles and stays limber and lithe. He spent some time in a foster home after his surgery, where he made friends with the foster’s other cats and her dogs! There’s one more thing that makes Lover Boy special: he is an FIV+ cat. This does not mean that he can’t live with other animals, or that he won’t live a long and healthy life. It does mean he would do best as an indoor-only cat and should get regular check-ups at the vet. Feel free to contact RAL for 

more information on FIV in cats!  

I'm Most in Need because: I'm FIV+, but I can still live a full and happy life!

Yukon Cornelius

Hi there! I'm an old boy with a huge heart! Even though I've got a few years on me, I love to play and run around the back yard. My tail is wagging all the time, because I'm just so excited for you to pet me! Sadly, my tail wagging has caused what they call "happy tail," from hitting against the inside of the kennel. So come take me out and let's go play! I love being outside and smelling all the smells. I'm such a happy boy, especially if there are toys involved. I'm inquisitive and smart, come make me part of your family!

I'm Most in Need because: I came to RAL with heartworms, and I also have a happy tail, the only cure for it is a home! 





I'm a sweet adult cat with a big heart! I'm about 4 or 5 years old, but young at heart and eager try the new experience of having a forever home. I was rescued from a hard life outside on a farm where I was all alone taking care of my five kittens. My foster family helped me to learn how nice being a pet can be. I'm loving all the people affection and having regular meals. I've been good at taking care of myself, but I've found I really love having someone to rub up against who will stroke my back and scratch my ears and chin. I definitely have a purr-sonality all my own, and I sure do OWN it! If you're looking for a fun-loving and feisty gal to play with, I could be it!


I'm Most in Need because: I have a strong and feisty personality that can sometimes be misinterpreted, but I'm just trying to play and communicate with you the best way I know how! 



Do you like to play? WOW! Me too! I'm a busy boy who loves to run and play. My favorite thing to do is chase a big ball around the back yard. I need an outlet for all of my energy - take me on a long hike by the river or let me run by your side! I would just love some obedience training, too. I need a job to do, and I want to learn, so teaching me how to behave will help focus all of my energy! I'm fine with cats, and like kids, as long as they can keep up with my need for speed! Won't you come play with me?

I'm Most in Need because: My energy level requires a lot of time on your part, but that just means more play time for us!







Kristen Wiig

Helllooooooooo, everyone, I am Kristen Wiig!  You will probably not mistake me for the actress, though I am a devoted fan of "Bridesmaids." I like it because she plays a cool chick who hits her bottom and sort of meanders back up.  I can relate to that.  I’m a little "Wigged out" here at the shelter because I have been through a lot. It takes me a little time to trust and I really like things to stay the same. I like to find my corner of the world and just hang out there and observe the world around me, maybe take a nap once I get comfortable.  I am a smart girl who has seen a lot and I think I’d like a human of my own like that.  Once we independent gals (or guy!) get to know each other, we can binge watch my namesake and eat mackerel together (good stuff!). I am ready to meander back up into a safe place with you. So come and adopt me already!

I'm Most  in Need because: I need some time to get to know a person before I open up, but if you're patient I promise I'll be worth it!



Hi! I'm Romanov! I like to entertain myself and investigate new surroundings. I would really enjoy a fenced backyard where I could run and roam around and use those wonderful Beagly genes - my nose rules all right now with everything new. I would be best in a home with older, more mature children who can respect my space until I learn I don't have to guard my rawhides or treats. I tested fine with cats so I might be okay in a home with felines who are laid back. The folks at RAL think all I need is a nice human to show me affection and help build up my confidence again! I was born with only one eye, but when I look at you, you will see so much gratitude when you talk to him nicely and pet me. Think of what great times you will have showing him once again how great a dog's life can be! A perfect size, not too big, not too small, just right, he is hoping that you are going to be the one who will notice him and make him all yours. Please come meet Romanov today and see if you will be the perfect match for him!

I'm Most in Need because: I can be posessive of my food, and some people find my shrunken eye off putting. But what I lack in eye sight 

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