Paw It Forward

Your pet is one lucky pet because you chose to save a life and provide a home.  We bet your pet loves you very much and is grateful for the love and care you have shared.  This is your pet's chance to paw it forward to another pet seeking hope and a home at Richmond Animal League. Of course, as talented as your pet may be, your dog and/or cat can't get online to make a gift to the Paw it Forward campaign. That is where you come in.

Save the Date: Paw it Forward Challenge 2017
October 25 - 31

$7,000 in 7 Days for Pets In Need 

Will you help your pet Paw it Forward?

Will you help your pet provide hope, help and a home for another? 


With a gift as kind as $10, or as generous as $100, your pet can make a difference in the life of another. Please help by clicking here and making your pet's gift to RAL. (Note: for accounting purposes, please fill in YOUR name in the contact information).

Make sure to tell us your pet(s) name and, if you would like, why they are pawing it forward. We will be listing all pets below.  Want to share even more? Once your have completed the donation form, you will get an email confirmation. Reply with a picture of your pet and we will post your pet(s) on Facebook!

Please give your pet an extra rub or scratch from all of us at RAL. Thank you for Pawing it Forward and providing love, to both your pet, and all those still in need.

These Pets Have Pawed It Forward in 2017! 

Charlotte and Mabel Dog: RAL Alums Charlotte (3) and Mabel (4mo) are donating so that other dogs can find their forever family
Oliver Ambers Cat: Formerly "Whisker Biscuit" at RAL
Apollo and Calliope Cat: We were both adopted at RAL and would like to help out our fellow kitties ??
Pixie Dog
TJ, Michael, and Stella Cat:
Birdie and Luna Cat: Luna is an RAL alum and is so thankful to the nice people who took care of her before she found her forever home. This is her way of pawing it forward!
Chester Bowen Cat: RAL, thanks for taking such good care of me and all the other cats (and dogs too) and helping us find happy loving homes.
Gabby, Marty and Billy Bob
Flap Jack, Sierra, Salt Water Taffy
Jeeves & Wooster Cat: Jeeves (Philadelphia Freedom) is from RAL and his colleague, Wooster (Tangerine) is from CARE. They support all pets finding forever homes.
Petey Dog
Banjo Dog: Banjo is a big handsome slurpy hound from RAL who wants paw it forward so that all the other big slurpy hounds can find great homes!
Sophie Dog: Sophie is the sweetest!! So glad I could give her a good loving home.
Carlie & Chessie Dog: Two rescued Basset Hounds sending hope to their friends.
Jac aka Othello Dog: Jac and his brother JoJo are so happy to Paw it forward!
Herman Cat: In honor of all the RAL volunteers who help cats and dogs find humans that love them as much as my human loves me.
Liam and Ben Cat: They told me that are very grateful to RAL for saving them. And Ben loved his foster!
Teddy & Buster Dog: Teddy is pawing it forward so that every animal can be overwhelmed with unconditional love in a furever home!
Skip Dog
Stella Dog: In memory of my amazing dog Stella.
Molly and Milo Cat: Molly (formerly Lavalette) and Milo (formerly Dot)
Cocoa Dog: Cocoa is so excited to be able to help another pup in need, the way she was helped, in hopes that they too will find thier happily ever after home ♡
Gretchen. Jackson Dog: Gretchen Harte is donating in love of her brother Jackson Harte who were both adopted from RAL as puppies. We just lost Jackson to a heart attack.
Holly and Mr. Bobo Baggins Cat: The Raymond family wants to thank Ral for introducing us to Holly several years ago. She was a perfect fit. We appreciate all the hard work and love that goes into what you do every day.
Zach, Missy, Trixie, & Duke Cat
Tucker Dog: Tucker was once the epitome of a dog in need. Skinny, with cuts and scrapes all over his body, wet and cold, Tucker was found as a stray and made his way to a small, rural animal control facility. Tucker also has a neurological condition - he's wobbly, falls when excited, and can't walk on slick surfaces like tile or hardwood. Almost two years ago, his now forever mom took a chance on him. Intending to drop him off at another shelter, she bundled up a stinky, wet, skin and bones dog and made the hour drive... during which he threw up twice. Before the end of the day, Tucker had a name, a bath, a new fleece jacket (it was December), and a foster home that turned into a forever home. The rest is history. Tucker now has a big dog sister named Kiki, lots of cat siblings, more toys than he knows what to do with, fluffy beds, and all the love he wants. Tucker knows what it's like to wait for a family. Tucker wants to Paw It Forward so other dogs and cats can find the lives and families they've always deserved.
Our beautiful RAL alumni - Emmett Cat: We are so thankful for the good work that RAL does in bringing furry and human friends together! Thank you. With love and gratitude - the Romero family
Sweet Molly Cat
Riley Dog: Riley says thank you for being so nice during his stay (you all knew him as "The Dude"), and he's happy to have this donation made to help other dogs at RAL. He's loves his new home, and being able to snooze in the sun again!
Joey Dog: I am pawing it forward because I got a second chance at life and I want to spread the love.
Gertie Dog: I love long dogs. Let's go Kenneth!
Myrna Dog: Myrna
Summer Dog: In honor of my dad’s birthday. I’m so glad he adopted me.
Rowan Dog: My name is Rowan, and because of RAL, I get to chew up tennis balls, eat tasty snacks, go on long walks, and live a happy and healthy life with my humans! I am pawing it forward because I want all of the furry friends who still don't have families to be adopted by humans that love and care for them.
Gunther Dog: I am so happy in my new home. I get so much love and affection, and we play a lot too. This is to help my furry friends become as lucky as me. ---Gunther
Finnley Dog: For the dogs and cats still waiting for best friends, family, and a lifetime of love and adventure. (from a RAL alum adopted September 2010)
Duchess, Duke, Sami and Yeti Cat: Pawing it forward in honor of the RAL and LSNC staff who work day and night to save furbabies like us. Also, we are giving a huge shout out to fosters for opening their homes and hearts. (P.S. foster fails are the absolute best!)
Huckleberry, Atticus, Gatsby, Daisy and Holly Cat: We are pawing it forward so other cats can get a home as good as ours!
Lila Cat: Lila (originally Brunhilde) found her fur-ever home back in February!
Lil Edie Cat: Lil Edie wants to paw it forward so the people know of all the good guard cats available at RAL.
Meko Cat: Meko is happy to help out another kitty currently at RAL!
Flower, Amy & George : Flower & Amy are dogs; George is a cat.
Barney Taylor Cat: Graduated from RAL in 2009. Go PAWS!!
Mandy Dog : Mandy, adopted from RAL at 8 weeks old. She lived with us for 16 1/2 years. Pawing it Forward to help other homeless animals.
Gigi Dog
Susie Belvin Dog
Max Dog
Gus (Augustus) Dog: Gus was at RAL when we found him. Our family will never be the same and we are so lucky he found us. We hope someone else has this experience too!
Fedra Dog: In her memory.
Loki and Linus Dog
jasper, luna, finn, rosie, and delilah Other: two dogs, three cats and one granddog (home when daughter comes home from college)
Boo Radley Dog
Abby Rose Dog: Abby Rose - a stray from Buckingham County, thanks to RAL's care now a healthy happy family addition for our family!

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