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Meet the stars of the RAL shelter-- our Featured Pets! These guys are all special in their own way, and for whatever reason, everyone here at RAL has come to love them for their own unque personalities.



3 words: De. Light. Ful. Hello my name is NICK. And I am that little old man whose cheeks you just want to pinch all of the time. And like any cheekpinchworthy little old man, I am riff with wisdom. I know that getting excited about every little thing mostly leads to heartburn. So I'm wise enough to know that mellow is the way to go. If you get that life is short and whatever the latest drama is probably isn't the end of the world, then I would be delighted to make your acquaintance. But when we meet?...please, don't ACTUALLY pinch my cheeks... [smile]

I am a featured pet because: I am a bit older, and FIV+. I am looking for a quiet place to live, and a human companion who wil give me all the pets an old man like me deserves. 

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