Our Staff

Priyanka Arora, Weekend Shelter Assistant

Passion: Science!
Joined RAL: August 2016
Favorite RAL pet or alumni: Rio
Best part about the job:Definitely all the lovely animals!
When not at RAL, Pri can be found: Playing with my dog, Peanut.
Favorite Word juxtaposition
If you were an animal, what animal would you be? A koala


Pauline (not Pam)

Pamela Bridgmon, Director of Kennel Operations

804.379.0046 x1111
Passion: Outdoor activities
Joined RAL: 9 years ago
Favorite RAL alumni: Pauline (pictured at left). Although Pauline was here when I arrived I was told she was a mean kitty. Let's just say she had developed a reputation that stuck with her. Pauline just had an unusual “meow”. In all the years I knew her she never really bit anyone unlike other pets that have come and gone. She was my office buddy. She beat out people wanting to euthanize her because of her special meow. She beat diabetes but she couldn’t beat an oral carcinoma. I still miss her and still tear up when I think about her. It was like she was my cat at home, she was just located at my desk.
Best part about the job: too many things to name
When not at RAL, Pam can be found: who knows where
Childhood nickname? Monkey
If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Well a cat of course

Ciera Jenkins, Assitant Director of Kennel Operations

804.379.0046 x1114
Joined RAL: October 2017
Best part about the job: ANIMALS!
Favorite RAL Alumni: Curio the cat was the first to sit on my lap during work. Such a sweetie. 
Cake or pie? Cake... Always 
Superhero ability? Controlling the weather 




804.379.0046 x1000
Joined RAL: July 2017
Favorite RAL alumni: My parent’s cat, Bowie (previously “Mittens”) adopted during the 2013 kitten season. She has such a huge personality and distinct meow, it’s impossible not to love her!
Best part about the job: Watching the transition the animals make from coming into the shelter often nervous and unsure, to blossoming in their forever homes.
When not at RAL, Alicia can be found: Working at my other job on the weekends, or eating ice cream on my couch with my cat and dog (Phoebe and Ginny).
Least Favorite Word: Impossible



> adopt@ral.org 
804.379.0046 x1000
Passion: Photography and Animals
Joined RAL: March 2017
Best part of the job: helping animals find their forever home, and humans find their best friend.
Favorite RAL alumni: My Cat, Margo!
Least Favorite Word: No
When not at RAL, Ashley can be found: With my camera somewhere in Richmond, or home with my cat watching Netflix.
If you were an animal, what would you be: A Cat. ... Or a Unicorn! smile


Cynthia Reed Mchenry, Volunteer Coordinator

804.379.0046 x1113
Passion: animals, music, books
Joined RAL: July of 2009
Favorite RAL alumni: There have been SO many wonderful pets but I would have to go with Steve, a little white Jack/Chi mix. He was cross eyed and seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The best part of his whole stay here was to see him go home with his new mom, who had recently lost a dog and found Steve to be the most perfect new companion for her.
Best part about the job: working with a staff and large group of volunteers who all care so much about helping out homeless pets!
When not at RAL, Cynthia can be found: hanging out with my dog, Winston J
Cake or pie? pie
Superhero ability; flight or super speed? Super speed



804.379.0046 x1000
Passion: Writing
Joined RAL: August 2015
Best part about the job: Finding a perfect match for a pet and their furrrever home. 
When not at RAL, Chesh can be found: At home with my cat
Cake or pie? Cake AND pie
Superhero ability; flight or super speed? Time travel. I’d be totally useless but I’d have fun.


Kaicee Robertson, Special Events Coordinator

804.379.0046 x1117
Passion: dog and cat behavior, helping all animals, reading
Joined RAL: November 2016
Best part about the job: Without a doubt, the animals and the people. The staff, volunteers, fosters, adopters, donors and community members who support RAL make saving lives possible, and make being at RAL special. 
Favorite RAL alum: How do you choose just one? I think I’d have to go with Lieutenant Dan. He was a foster kitten I had who came from Buckingham Animal Control. His front left leg was limp and he couldn’t use it at all. When he came to RAL, he received the medical care he needed and had his leg amputated. He was the sweetest little cuddle bug, and an all-around great kitten.   
When not at RAL, Kaicee can be found: Reading a good book in the backyard with my pups. 

Elizabeth Thomas, Interim Executive Director
Director of Development

804.379.0046 x1117
Passion: cooking, reading, the beach
Joined RAL: September 2013
Best part about the job: Working with a great staff and watching pets find forever homes.
Favorite RAL alum: My first love was Moody, but Kristen Wiig holds a very special place in my heart. 
Childhood nickname: Sunshine
When not at RAL, Elizabeth can be found: Exploring Richmond, eating brunch and relaxing with her dog, Gertie.

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